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Adam E. Salyer - Team Owner

In 2016, the American Basketball Association (ABA) expanded in South Texas and granted an expansion team to U.S. Army Veteran Adam E. Salyer. The ABA commissioner and co-founder Joe Newman says, “Our Southwest Division is growing rapidly and is one of the strongest in the ABA. The addition of Adam E. Salyer and his SeraphimTM professional team should be a fabulous addition. He is quite a man.”

After excelling in sports in high school, Salyer joined the military where he served for 14 years. His exemplary career in the Army was cut short by injuries including an incident that left him in a wheel chair. His prognosis at the time was he would never walk again. Salyer said, “I would not accept defeat. I could have accepted my disability by sitting, but it could not define me. With hard work, extensive rehabilitation and God, I was able to walk again after 15 surgeries and my wife by my side.”

While he was learning to walk again, Salyer utilized that time to go back to school, get his degree and start his professional career. He served two terms as a Universal City Councilman, is a professional singer, stand-up comedian, emcee/host, film actor, producer and author. Salyer is also the owner of RZR Comics and a motivational speaker.

When Salyer formed the Seraphim basketball team, he took great care in selecting the name. Being a devout Christian, he wanted to pick a name that projected excellence and the highest devotion. The Seraphim are the highest order of Angels in the Angel hierarchy and the protectors of God’s throne. Salyer wanted to create a model team that would be a shining example to the industry and set an even higher standard. He wanted to provide a platform for young men to showcase their talents and perhaps get a second chance at the next level of professional basketball.

Salyer’s belief and commitment to his Universal City community and surrounding areas runs so deep, he wanted to bring a professional sports team to the area, that would be a source of affordable family entertainment and community pride. He strongly believes that this team will be such a great asset to the community, that he sacrificed his career, has dedicated all of his free time and substantial finances to insuring the success of the team.

Salyer says, “I look forward to working with all involved with the ABA, and thank them for giving me this huge opportunity. This is a dream come true.”

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